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Choosing the right breeder is probably one of the most difficult things in this process of getting a puppy.  Review the information below to help you evaluate future breeders.
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Connemara Irish Jack Russell Terriers

ARE ALL DOGS CREATED EQUAL?  (more information to come)

Does size matter?

What is predatory drift?
Even highly socialized dogs can "drift" into a predatory attack mode, particularly when smaller dogs run, appear injured or yelp during off-leash play.  When a dog enters a "predatory drift" episode, it attempts to kill the smaller dog that triggers the event. The problem is so severe that many adoption agencies such as the San Francisco SPCA refuse to place dogs into homes with existing dogs if the dogs differ substantially in size.  People with very small dogs should use caution in allowing their dogs to play with large dogs, both from an injury standpoint due to size and weight, as well as possible predatory drift kicking in.

There's a lot of controversy over Cesar Millan and his whispering techniques.  For someone without formal training or education in animal behavior or learning theory, it is incredible to believe that he has been able to get a major television show on National Geographic, lecture tours and a best selling book, among high profile clients.  But in Hollywood looks and charisma will advance your career.  People who are frustrated with their dog's behavior are willing to try anything, and so, will turn to his methods.  Please beware of training techniques that encourage dominance control over an animal, pain used in reprimands or corrections, or instill fear.  Why would anyone want to train their best friend in such harmful ways to the animal's physical and mental spirit.  There's quite a fallout from many of Cesar's clients -- which means, we won't hear the success follow-up stories because of damage he has done.   Here are a few links to articles and blogs that say it better than I ever could!  Read on please . . .

SF Chronicle - "The Anti-Cesar Millan  Ian Dunbar's been succeeding for 25 years ..."
A message from the American Humane Society - "Dog Whisperer Approach More Harmful than Helpful"
Eyes for Lies:  The Human Lie Detector - "The Dog Whisperer's Motives"
Esquire Magazine - "Misguided Expert of the Year"
"Cesar's Way" - a book review by Pat Miller
(about Pat Miller)
New York Times Op-Ed by Mark Derr - "Pack of Lies"
KOMO Channel 4 News Report - Seattle, WA - "Are the Dog Whisperer's Methods Harmful?"
4 Paws University - "The Dog Whisperer Controversy"


Alpha Schmalpha and the Wolf Ancestor
Click here for more information on why a dog is not a wolf!
Remember dogs were domesticated over 10,000 years ago, and they have come a long way baby!  Plenty of changes have had to occur to get a face like a Pug or coat like a Dalmatian.  Let's treat them like the companions they were bred to be.

"Dominant" dog or are we just too lazy to train him!  (more information to come)


Holistic First Aid and Grooming Products
  Rara Avis (locally created)

  Cold River Veterinary Center
      Dr. Kruesi specializes in nutritional therapy and holistic care among other specialties.  He has helped Harleigh with her seizures and hypothyroid and Jester with his general health and shares incredible insights that no other vet has noticed.

Favorite Pet Foods
I am by no means a human or pet nutritionist, but I know how to read a label and do research.  I have found these pet foods offer the best quality for pre-packaged food for your dog.  Of course, I believe that giving a variety of fresh wholesome foods (yes, that means "people food") for your dog is the best, and yes, I am an advocate of homecooking, raw food and raw bones.  After all, would you want to eat Special K twice a day for the rest of your life?   And, let's think for a minute - dog food manufacturers have been around for approximately .5% of the time since dogs were domesticated.   Hmmm, imagine that -- they managed without kibble for 99.5% of their existence on earth.  For creating your own recipes, please see Dr. Pitcairn's book referenced in the Library and Resources section or visit Dr. Kruesi's site above.

GreatLife Performance Pet Products
  Food and Enzymes
Natura Pet Products
  California Natural (dry)
Nature's Variety Pet Products
  Prairie (dry, canned and raw)
Primal Pet Foods
  Raw foods sold frozen
Sojourner Farms
  A dehydrated mix -- just add meat, veggies and water
Wysong Products
  Archetype (cold processed)
  Tundra (frozen raw)
  Dry varieties
Wellness Products
  Dry and canned

Jeffrey's Natural Pet Food Company (Castro and North Beach)
  Raw foods sold fresh or frozen
  A large variety of natural healthy products and other fun stuff
Drew's K-9 Corner (Geary Street, Inner Richmond)
  Raw foods sold frozen
  A variety of natural healthy products including Sojourner Farms and The Honest Kitchen
B&B Pet Supply (Geary Street @ Park Presidio)
  Raw foods sold frozen
  A huge variety of foods, toys, treats, collars, etc.

Monthly statistics for injuries, loss and death of pets during air travel are now reported at - click on Air Travel Consumer Report - where consumers can see the number of incidents and the airlines involved

A puppy cannot be bad ...
it can only be a puppy!