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SunCatcher's Blue Moon Jester
November 29, 2007
Watch Jester Grow:

Many people don't get the opportunity to see pictures of their puppy from birth.  I was very lucky and able to watch Jester grow from the moment he was born.  Enjoy this picture documentary and watch Jester grow!  With most puppies, the biggest changes occur in the first four months. 
3 months or approximately 12 weeks
Jester's first day home - 9.5 weeks
Jester fetching at 10 weeks of age
New born Jester - hours old
Jester - 1 week old
Jester - 3 weeks old
Jester 5 weeks old
Dolly with pups - 4 weeks old
Jester - 6 weeks old
Jester - 7.5 weeks
Jester - 14.5 weeks
Jester celebrating his First Birthday in Palm Springs!