The Puppy Nanny
Here are a few success tails from clients and students:

"Clem came to us timid and suffering from terrible separation anxiety and has come so far!  I have to say that it's with much thanks to Fawn's and Tammy's guidance that we don't have a fearful and snarly doggie today.  ... I highly recommend these classes to anyone, but especially to those with shy or sensitive dogs and those with small dogs that come with their own special set of size-related confidence issues."   Caryn, Paul & Clementine, CGC (Papapoo) Clementine is now a certified Canine Good Citizen and is considering a line of work as a therapy dog!  

"Fawn and Tammy know how to focus in on your dog's individual shortcomings and teach you to train and manage them.  Their training expertise is just as much for you as it is for your four-legged pal.  Their fun attitudes and positive energy make learning a joy."  Dave, Loren and Hank (Bull Terrier)

"This is the best class I have ever taken and I have trained four dogs at six different schools with multiple instructors."  Kari and Kali (Shepherd Mix)

"Tammy is one of Pablo's favorite people because she has done so much to improve his self confidence."  Miriam and Pablo (Norwich Terrier)

"Tammy has done an amazing job in helping civilize Sasha.  . . . She was really terrific in getting a very busy family involved in the training and making it fun for all of us. She even had Sasha playing the piano one night. It was quite a sight to behold."  Tracey and Sasha (Labrador Retreiver)  (Read the full review)

"Each time you came I learned how to care for and be a responsible dog owner.  I thought you were a walking encyclopedia about puppies/dogs. Having you come each week is the best thing we have done for Csilla and ourselves! "  Madeline, Kathleen and Csilla (Labrador Retreiver)  (Read the full review)
A puppy cannot be bad ...
it can only be a puppy!
Clementine walking confidently
on leash!  You go girl!
Pablo - everyone's favorite Norwich!
Everyone needs ears like Harleigh!
Napoleon, always the party boy!.
Spot and Bebop enjoying Harleigh's Birthday Party
Sasha - Before. . .
Sasha - After
Csilla -  celebrating 1 year
Csilla - 8 weeks
I have been training Jester since he came home at 9.5 weeks of age.  Jester's training is through fun and games and the use of toys or food as a reinforcer.  Jester really took to playing with balls and toys and so using a ball was a critical component in our early training!   Of course, because I had the access and ability, Jester attended four different Puppy I classes during the first five months of his life.  He went on to Puppy II class where he learned placement commands and advanced behaviors. 
After Jester was a year of age we began APDT Rally Obedience (now World Cynosport Rally) classes and Agility classes.  At 22 months of age, Jester received his first title in Rally Obedience, RL1.  We continue to train and trial in WCR Rally going toward our Championship Titles.
Jester's Rally Level 1 title was earned in one weekend in October 2009.  He received the toy as a prize for being the youngest dog to receive a title that weekend.
At our second weekend of APDT Trials working toward his Level 1X, Jester earned a 5th place ribbon with a score of 205 out of 210.  It was tough competition!
Harleigh's 5th Birthday Party
Jester's Rally and Agility Training
ARCH SunCatcher's Blue Moon Jester, CGC, RL1X, RL2X, RL3, RE, AXJ, AX
Jester with all his loot after the March 2011 APDT Rally Trial - Level 2 Title, including 2nd, 3rd and 5th place finishes and his Level 1X (10 qualifying runs)
Jester's first AKC Rally Trial earned him a 3rd place finish.  He ultimately received his AKC Rally Novice title in February 2011 with additional 2nd and 3rd place finishes.
On to Agility ... we are forever in training but in January 2013 Jester received his Excellent Standard Title.
APDT Level 2 Rally Run Thru